About Us

Who We Are?

For more than 65 years, we have seriously tackled the pursuits of "one-of-a-kind product development ahead of times" and "highly reliable and sincere technology. Allcut Group networks a variety of areas of activities, ranging from Power tools manufacturing to the development of new technology products for food industry, household equipments which should be always base of next-generation innovation. Each member of the group demonstrates its unique personality through its specialized know-how and expertise. We have earned advantage of steadily building track records to set industry standards and constant forge new frontiers addressing the challenges of next generation. Using our experience of more than 20 years of sales and service of Magnetic drills and cutters, we offer the best experience of the field today in India.

In early 1947 we started our first manufacturing establishment for Radial and Pillar Drilling Machine, later on demand surge and founder member Mr. Jaysukh Rathod adopted India's first ever magnetic base drilling machine, technology in early 1991 and started manufacturing at Bhavnagar Plant. And today we have a wide range of magnetic Base Drill Machine with capacity of 13/23/32/40/50/60/65/80/100 mm to cater need for labor and energy saving demand of Indian market as a pioneer to introduce this technology. Time by time our manufacturing line produced Pipe Bevellers', Plate Bevellers, Drill point grinders, Plate Cutters, Hack saws machines, and other Special Purpose Machine as per specialized industrial need.

Today, as a forerunner of energy and labor-saving drilling technology, we are having nationwide dealership networks throughout Indian continental. With a comprehensive lineup of products covering Magnetic Drills, Pipe bevellers, Plate Bevellers, Cutters, and other power tool equipments for low-tech to high-tech industrial applications and enjoy strong trust from a firm customer base across the globe for Allcut Brand. For India we have always come up with adoption of latest technologies available for power tool ranges.

Extensive service and spares support throughout India in cities across supported by a network of dealers is what sets us apart from the competition.

Allcut Group is constantly building up their dealer network worldwide, You can join us to make the Allcut Power tools brand and product line a success! Not only for magnetic drilling machines and annular cutters we can cooperate with you, you will also find the other accessories and tools which we can supply you. All the products Allcut Group are of high quality and made with Excellence.

Our AIM And Vision.

As the pioneer company, "our main aim of business is to create a customer who creates customers.”

Our vision is to meet the challenges of the growing generation to provide our customers with the best product. Recognizing that every interaction you have with us is an opportunity to make a positive impact on us.